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Bird Rock Coffee: National Acclaim

Posted on 19 September 2010 by John Rippo

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has been getting lots of mileage lately; winning “coffee of the year” from the SCAA for their Colombian Buenavista Carlos Imbachi; a plum-like, mellow full city roast that has a fine finish and is a great port and brie kind of coffee. Pictured at left is their Haraaz Supreme; a Yemeni hand-picked bean grown in ecologically pure conditions. The light roast yields up a fruity, tart cup that has some great high notes and a pleasant nose. The coffee was rated highly in the August Food & Wine magazine for its overall cup quality and we think they hit the nail on the head. Along with these offerings Bird Rock is now selling a wonderful aged Blue Batak from Indonesia. This peaberry gives a mellow, smoky flavor with a taste of licorice We found it excellent in a french press and think it’s just the thing to go with a richer, heavier feast of meat, sauces and bold tastes. This bean will stay right with them.

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