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Philz Coffee: Full Body; Complex Roast

Posted on 19 September 2010 by John Rippo

Philz Coffee from sent on a couple of interesting mixed roasts; their Tesora is a macho mixed roast of very good looking beans that is best done up in the french press for maximum punch. And punch it does, too. The coffee is a powerhouse of nutty flavor and dense, smooth body that stands with dairy very nicely. The Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew is anothe mixed roast, though seemingly darker overall than the Tesora. This is another coffee that really needs to be well handled in a french press; drip just doesn’t do it. The reward is a sturdy, robust and earthy cup of body that hits the spot every time. Neither blend are acidic and aftertaste and finish are minimal. We seemed to tend more toward the Jacob but were perfectly happy with the Tesora and only regret that we don’t know more about the source of beans. This is a secret. No matter; the beans are even, of fine size and beautifully roasted with the darks displaying a Viennese take.

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