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We’re different. ESPRESSO gives its readers what they are unlikely to find elsewhere: intelligently written, thoroughly researched local, regional, national and international news and information that has been overlooked, underreported, mis-reported, or even suppressed by mainstream media – and that’s just for starters.

Add to that an independent editorial page that carves out its own outlook, apart from the common media crowd, and makes no apologies along the way, plus a section on books; film and arts; another on legal issues and court cases; some very funny comics; and a section on cafe life round out each issue. We publish quarterly shopping guides, interviews with people who make things happen, essays on notable ideas, people and events and commentaries about issues of the day. We like humor, satire, and wit too, which is why we fill columns with it in every issue. Our mutually antagonistic film reviewers never cease arguing about who has the worst taste in movies, and our restaurant and food writer is the terror of less-than-stellar eateries everywhere.

We find news and information from many different sources; by keeping our eyes open, monitoring foreign radio reports, asking people the right questions, and using researchers to find gems of information in public documents and libraries. We synthesize information from many sources and blend in relevant historical, economic or other perspectives to give readers a broader, more detailed picture of issues that effect their lives.

ESPRESSO recognizes that those who control opinion control the world and sometimes, they don’t have the best of intentions. ESPRESSO is a means to help add balance to media scales. So far, it seems to be working.,

ESPRESSO is known for breaking news stories first and leading where other media follow. We were first to report a San Diego Police Department effort to make coffee houses 21 and up only – and our lead in coverage helped defeat that plan. We rooted out the leader of a criminal gang that stole hundreds of thousands of dollar from poor people, and published her methods – as well as her home address, which helped put her behind bars. We published a secret city map that proved San Diego knows and has record of its most dangerous streets – and does nothing to fix them. We were first to tell of a revolt by local district attorneys against their boss – a story that was taboo for other media. We were first to warn of the energy deregulation fiasco. And we were the only newspaper in San Diego to expose illegal activities of local border patrol agents against American citizens. There have been many more such stories and there will be many more in the future.

Our goal is to put important news and information into the hands of people who can use it and to provoke diaglogue – in coffee houses and elsewhere. We strive to be a kind of continuing education for cafe society by providing our readers with information they can use to live better, richer and more productive lives. ESPRESSO is motivated by a vision of America in which more freedom, justice, opportunity and material progress are available to everyone, and we believe that the founding principles of the United States are the best pathway to that vision.

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Where We Stand:

Our Principles Form Our Flavor

The principles of ESPRESSO are a personal statement from the publisher that defines the newspaper’s purpose and its reason for existence. It rides front and center on page one, where it can’t be missed. This statement clearly illustrates the newspaper’s perspective.

ESPRESSO has no ties to parties, churches, political or social factions of any kind. It is a rarity in modern journalism: a newspaper beholden to no one and free of the kinds of pressures that often affect how news is presented.

ESPRESSO’s editorial policy is based on a faith in people to find and nurture their own best interests. We try to provide timely, useful and uncommon information that may make those ends more easy to attain.

ESPRESSO has been called both conservative and liberal – and everything in between. It has also been called honest, forthright, tough and accurate, which pleases us. It is accurate to say we are different and let the readers judge for themselves. Their judgement has resulted in a climbing circulation over the years.

ESPRESSO relies on a small staff of researchers to provide overview not only of important news, but about how news and information is disseminated and used by media. We strive to look “behind the story” to tell what is often left out of regular coverage. Though we rarely claim to have “inside information,” we can and do examine the content and presentation of media and offer readers insight about those who would shape their world views and opinions.

We look forward to doing more in the future, and doing it ever better.

Principles of the

I Will:

1) Provide a watch on the media.

2) Provide a watch on the holders and users of power in society.

3) Promote civil liberties.

4) Respect diversity and promote tolerance.

5)Promote individual initiative and action.

6)Speak accurately, honestly, clearly and directly.

7)Respect my reader.

John A. Rippo

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