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Rebecca’s Coffeehouse First in New Plan for Charity

Posted on 13 July 2013 by John Rippo

Rebecca’s Coffeehouse in Golden Hill  became the first coffeehouse to sign up for a new plan to target resources to those who need them throughout the world.

The brainchild of Karen Cebreros, formerly of Elan Organic Coffees, Track the Impact is a cloud-based software tool that links businesses to the community of non-profits of their choice through its Profits 4 Purpose software. Businesses, their employees and customers can use the tool to contribute money, resources, time and effort to linked organizations that partner with business with what Cebreros calls a “Facebook of donations”. By attaching favored non-profits to brick and mortar businesses, organizers hope that the public will “adopt” those non-profs as preferred ones to enrich.

By showing in real time with exquisite organization amounts rendered and what happens to them, Track the Impact reads almost like a score board of active giving and shows comprehensive updated information on several levels. Want to see how your favorite enviro group is doing  with its quarterly campaign drive organized through your neighborhood business district? Track the Impact will show you in real time. You can also see the specific contributions given by you and your friends, too.

Rebecca Zearing made the first of what Cebreros hopes will be the first of many contributions to the effort. A five hundred dollar  input launched the coffeehouse into the program; a considerable percentage of which is dedicated to non-profs chosen by Zearing and staff. Cebreros hopes that hundreds of cafés and other businesses will join her effort and create a web-based, “adoptive” community of linked businesses, charities and activism that is more responsive than ever before.

Cebreros has a successful history of fund raising for cultural and social causes; one of her most successful is the Women in Coffee Microcredit Union, which raises funds through the sale of coffees worldwide and extends small “microcredit” loans to women in the third world for self employment projects that allow women to make a living and achieve independence.

Micro-credits are committed to aiding the poorest of the poor and the concept was the brainchild of  Mohammed Younis, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Younis founded his bank in 1976 on microcredit principles which have proven to be extremely successful with a 90 percent-plus repayment rate on loans of as little as four dollars. is part of the Track the Impact effort.

The signing on of Rebecca’s is a start and so far, it’s well received by patrons who have discovered the program through the coffeehouse’s site . Cebreros is reaching out to the rest of the 430 independent coffeehouses in San Diego County to join the program now. For more infomation, contact

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